The Imaginarium Studios offers the complete range of performance capture services and brings together everything that our partners might need across pre-production, production and post-production.  We’ve developed numerous cutting-edge technologies to aide in every step of the creative and capture process.

Motion Capture
Full body capture deploying either our Vicon optical system, inertial suits or a combination of the two; we can integrate body capture into your workflow or build a pipeline for you.

Hand and wrist movement are captured using our optical system, markered fingers and wrists for combination movements
Performance Capture
We’ve created a bespoke highly flexible Head Mounted Camera system that can feed facial data into any pipeline allowing retargeting onto any face rig.

Full body capture deploying either our Vicon optical system, inertial suits or a combination of the two; we can integrate body capture into your workflow or build a pipeline for you.

Hand and finger data are key to making your digital characters seem alive and connect with audiences. The Imaginarium have built a unique hand capture solution that allows you to get real-time hand data, including finger movement, from your performers; saving significant time and cost in post.

We work with professional audio teams from the Film and TV industries who can provide Audio crew, and bespoke equipment solutions for the project.
Photogrammetry and Scanning
With the support of the Digital Catapult Centre we can now offer a full range of photogrammetry services. Our custom scanning system allows you to create detailed 3D models of people, faces and props all processed on site.

We can reconfigure our rig into a Facial Capture arrangement to deliver high quality facial scans of a performer for use in digital doubles, or used to build complex facial rigs.

Physical mocap props can make or break a shoot. We can arrange for proxy mockups that your actors will interact with.
Character Services
After receiving assets or 3D models of bodies and faces, the Studio is able to turn them into Performance Capture ready rigs ready to be driven by artists and performers.
Virtual Production - On Set & Location
If shooting at our permanent stage at Ealing Studios can’t work for you, we can capture wherever you are. Whether it be setting up an optical volume on set, We also offer inertial suit capture services for on-set needs or reference.

Mobile Volumes
Capturing outdoors with active markers, or even live on stage – we can capture almost anywhere.

Integrated set volumes
Working with your set designer, VFX Supervisors and actors, we can build a capture volume into your sets to get high quality motion capture data of digital characters interacting with other actors. This setup can also allow real time proxies to be seen in Camera to help with Framing decisions.

Face Capture
From onset facial capture of actors, to post ADR sessions at studios, we can deliver facial capture solutions that feed in post facial pipelines.
Virtual Production
Virtual Scouting
From previs to post vis, Virtual scouting lets Directors, DOPs, and producers explore sets before construction starts. Using the latest Index VR headsets we offer a range of scouting options.

Virtual Cameras for Pre/Post Visualisation
Our pipeline has a highly developed suite of tools allowing motion data to be visualized real-time in Unreal or Unity. We also take advantage of Mixed and Virtual Reality devices such as the Magic Leap One and Valve Index.  

Virtual Production Toolkit
The Imaginarium pioneered the ability to stream motion data into Epic’s Unreal Game Engine, building what became Live Link. Our virtual production toolkit allows Directors and Cinematographers to quickly test and establish shots in a way that can be supplied to the entire production pipeline.
Pipeline Development and Consultancy
We are agile and work in ways that our clients want, not the other way around. The studio regularly integrates what we do into established pipelines, adapting how we ingest and export data to make the production process as smooth as possible.