We are the UK’s leading performance capture studio and the only commercially available facility in London.  We revolutionize how stories might be visualized by developing and applying the latest innovations in performance capture technology.

The Imaginarium Studios offers the complete range of performance capture services and brings together everything that our partners might need across pre-production, production and post-production.  We’ve developed numerous cutting-edge technologies to aide in every step of the creative and capture process.


Our system consists of over 90 Vicon optical motion capture cameras. Using retro-reflective body markers on a performer, body movement is captured using our custom marker set. Our workflow allows for near latency-free rendering into the UNREAL Game Engine: giving directors and performers real-time reference of body motion.


Facial capture is done using head-mounted cameras that track every subtle movement of the human face, offering the opportunity to deepen an audience’s emotional engagement. We can combine facial capture with body data and finger tracking to fully record every aspect and nuance of an actor’s performance.

Co-Production Technical Partners

Beyond motion and performance capture, we also work with clients before and after any data is captured. Whether it be breaking down a script for shot planning, rigging characters and creating concepts, or integrating a production workflow into post, we have the flexibility to fully collaborate with our partners.

On-Set and On-Location

Beyond our dedicated London studio space, The Imaginarium Studios can bring our full range of services on-set and on-location. Either using a mobile optical system or inertial suits we can capture body data in almost any location. Facial performance capture can be achieved using our custom mobile system.

Spiderman Far From Home

MIB International

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